Ways to consume CBD

CBD edibles

CBD edibles are meant for consumption through the mouth and all the foods, beverages and capsules that have certain levels of medicinal marijuana infused in it qualify for the edibles. These products can be easily brought from any food stores or stations because CBD edibles have been legalized by the Federal law in many states of the country. The most favored form of these edibles is CBD chocolates and gummies because they do not remind the user of any bitter taste or smell that usually accompanies marijuana and has a lot of fun flavors. The CBD chocolates or the CBD edibles can either be consumed individually or added to food, shakes, sweets or cakes; but remember that heating these edibles can produce an unpleasant taste. These CBD edibles and CBD chocolates can take some time to show its effects because it takes 2-3 hours to get digested and absorbed in the bloodstream.

CBD oils and tinctures

The CBD oils and tinctures are meant to be kept under the tongue and should be introduced in very small amounts with the help of a dropper. The CBD oil has carrier oil other than its main ingredient CBD in its content and they can include oils like coconut oil, hemp oil or seed oil. Coming to the CBD tinctures, they are composed of ingredients such as vinegar, ethanol, alcohol or any other synthetic flavor to grant it color and smell. The CBD oils and tinctures work faster than CBD edibles and the impact will be visible within 30-40 minutes within its consumption.

CBD skin patches

The CBD skin patches, or more commonly known as the transdermal patches are available in the form of sticky sheets with CBD properties to be placed somewhere on the skin. Through these patches, the CBD enters directly into the bloodstream crossing the dermal layer of the skin to be absorbed more quickly and are activated once the body starts releasing heat after the dissection of the CBD compounds in it, and this process takes around four to six hours. There are essentially two types of CBD patches available in the market and they are ‘Matrix Patches’ that have a layer of CBD and adhesive in it and the second one is ‘Reservoir Patches’, as the name suggests, the CBD is present in these patches along with a gel solution that will ensure that your blood receives the CBD for a prolonged period of time.

CBD creams and lotions

Again a form of CBD take will enter our system by seeping through the skin, the CBD creams and lotions work best for patients with inflammatory and painful symptoms in their bodies. The specific nature of the CBD lotions arises from the fact that when they are applied on your skin, the endocannabinoid receptors found underneath the outermost layer interfaces the CBD compounds. The impact on these areas usually takes up to an hour to show up and will last for at least four to five hours.

CBD vaporizing

According to researchers, this method is only suitable for people who not allergic or irritable to smoke. The CBD is inhaled through an item known as a vape, which makes the substance suitable for inhaling. The smoke when reaches our body is immediately absorbed by the lungs and absorbed in the bloodstream. Owing to the swift reactions from the body, the effect stays for a short time too and therefore you need to take incessant puffs from the vape to experience a continued effect.