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CBD Vaping: Is it bad for you?

Although vaping has been around for more than a decade, it was not until the introduction of CBD and the subsequent outbreak of severe lung disease associated with the CBD pen that the safety of such products were called into question. Vaping or e-cigarettes have been used to help people kick the tobacco habit. But the introduction of the CBD pen has allowed many people to inhale this substance for their own needs.

Are Vape Pens Safe?
The answer to that question seems to depend on who you ask. What is true is that vaping nicotine is generally considered safer than smoking tobacco products. This is because the water vapor and other chemicals used for vaping do not include the carcinogens found in tobacco products that cause cancer.

But this is not to say that vaping is risk-free. There are concerns from reputable organizations such as the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine that have concluded vaping does carry considerable dangers such as the following.

  • Toxins
  • Addiction
  • Poor Quality Vaping Devices
  • Unintentional Consumption of Vaping Fluid

Different Types of Vaping Devices
First Generation: These are disposable vaping devices such as e-cigs, minis, or cig-a-likes.

Second Generation: These are the pens, such as the CBD vape pen and e-hookah mid-size devices

Third Generation: Such devices tend to be larger and for long-term use. They have a long battery life, are usually rechargeable, and contain options for different types of liquids.

Health Risks
Although the studies still contain conflicting information, it is generally believed that vaping is connected to heart disease. While not as strong a connection compared to smoking tobacco, there is still a relationship involved. In addition, vaping increases the risk of heart disease along with stroke.

Less apparent is the risk that vaping has to lung issues. Various studies have come to different conclusions as to the association of vaping and the health of the lungs. There may be other factors involved such as the use of lead in certain vaping products or toxins associated with certain types of liquids that may be the actual cause.

Should People Vape?
The American Heart Association says no. It is recommended that people who vape to quit smoking tobacco products or to ingest CBD should use another, safer method. For those who have yet to start vaping, it is recommended that they do not begin. While the health risks are still being studied, it is considered best to err on the side of caution.

For those who are taking CBD and do not want to run the risks of vaping, methods such as topical products applied to the skin, consuming CBD edibles, and tinctures which are drops applied under the tongue offer a safe method.

In the end, the CBD vape pen is still being studied for its effects. Whether it will be fully approved again or considered safe is still in question. But what is true is that many people are interested in using the CBD pen as a better, faster way of absorbing cannabidiol into their systems compared to other methods.

Jewelry For CBD Lovers

Whether you are a believer or simply a fan of a particular topic or genre, you most likely enjoy displaying your interest or pride of that entity through some form of expression. A fan of a musical artist sometimes gets their name or likeness tattooed on their body. Fans of sports teams or clubs like to represent their passion by wearing the team’s brand on a shirt or a cap. A person devout to religion may wear a cross, a crescent moon, the star of David, or any other religious symbol around their neck. But how do those who are fans of cannabis show their appreciation for their product of choice or brand? Perhaps the idea of CBD jewelry appeals to them. Let’s consider that jewelry is a versatile form of personal attire and expression, suiting different people with different tastes and allowing everyone to display their representation of self in their own way. Some may prefer necklaces, while others are suited more to bracelets. Some people prefer a ring in their earlobe while others are more likely to wear one on their finger. If you are proud of your love for cannabis products, you can express yourself with your own style and choice of CBD jewelry. Much like any other types of representative and imaginative pieces, jewelry for CBD products can come in many forms, and there are entire online marketplaces that specialize exactly in this type of product. Let’s take a look at some of the choices, and the potential options they offer.

High Point Jewelry
High Point Jewelry is a marketplace that offers a wide variety of creative, original, and beautiful choices are many different price points, composed of most types of common jewelry ranging from pieces made from silver and gemstones (the GenM line) to those formulated from gold and diamonds (High Point Jewelry). The company even carries an original “Molecule Collection” that features unique silver, gold, and gemstone combinations of much-loved necklaces and earrings in the shape of the THC and CBD molecular shapes. Formerly known as GENIFER M Jewelry, the company rebranded itself to High Point Jewelry to reflect the growing worldwide acceptance of cannabis and the change in the company’s own evolution. The company’s founders were an integral part in assisting in the promotion of legal and safe cannabis use. They served on the Colorado Task Force in the lead up to cannabis legalization in the state, operating extraction and manufacturing facilities, operating initial state testing facilities, owning a popular dispensary and CBD store, and working closely with the state’s political figures to establish the legalization of CBD products. The company set its course to market their jewelry products through an online marketplace in response to a growing wave of marijuana legalization across the country in order to be able to reach a wider audience. The selection of products offered by High Point Jewelry is quite diverse, offering imaginative designs of cannabis leaves and other CBD representations in the form of pennants, necklaces, studs, cufflinks, bracelets, pins, and many more.

Ras Boss
Ras Boss is another option for CBD jewelry but they take a different approach. Rather than finely refined, eloquently cut diamond or gem-studded pieces of all types, they market interesting “golden nugs” as one of their signature products. Made from all types of materials, including platinum and 24-carat gold, studded with a great variety of gems. Additionally, Ras Boss offers various pieces of cannabis leaves. The most interesting part is that all of the CBD jewelry offered by Ras Doss is artistically crafted from real cannabis. Through the production process, the chemical components of cannabis are wiped out or rendered inert, but there is no question of what the starting material of the work is. Their unique art form thereby transforms actual cannabis into jewelry products by dipping original buds into gold or platinum, retaining the original shape of the product.

If you are looking for a foray into some serious originality, you are likely familiar with the Etsy marketplace. If you have any doubt about whether Etsy ventures into the CBD jewelry world, let your wondering end here. Etsy is a massive player in online marketing and the creation of CBD products is no exception. A particularly interesting foray is into the realm of ‘poison ring’ products they offer. Poison rings have been historically known to be used as pieces of jewelry used by anyone from assassins to discreetly poison their victims so superstitious believing people who thought of jewelry as a weapon against the spirits from a realm beyond ours. The interesting historical connotation of these rings is in that they contain a hidden compartment. This is an interesting correlation for someone who wears one with a likeness of a cannabis leaf to perhaps carry a little portion of the beloved substance on their person.

Some Other Interesting CBD Jewelry Items
There are some other creative ways you can show your 420 love.

Double Sweet Leaf Wrap Ring
Jacquie Aiche offers a double-wrapped ring that comes in 14k yellow, rose, or white gold, and is available in most sizes. Rhianna is a big fan of this cannabis-themed shop too.

Locket Mill
Available in 18K Gold Vermeil or Black Rhodium the Locket Mill available from ASCHE Industries is a cool looking pendant that not only looks sleek and modern, but it can also discreetly store your stash inside. And no one would be the wiser.

Stoned Circle Necklace
While this necklace won’t secretly hold your pot stash, it is a cool looking piece from High Society Collection, has a unique sliding mechanism that serves as a clip for your joints. Simply slide the stone back, put your joint in, and snip it by moving the stone back into place.

Flower 2 Finger Ring
Take a double ring and put a golden nug on top, for a seriously unique jewelry piece from Lost Track Jewelry. It comes in silver, gold, and platinum. And yes the golden nugget is real, but no, you can’t smoke it.

Cannabis Charm Bracelet
This Toke Shop offering is 14K rose gold and carries a signature of the cannabis leaf on its small flat plate. Keep it around your wrist for a proud but subtle display of your ‘green’ friend. When you order, it even arrives at your door in a gift box.

Krush Stud
While IGWT NYC might be out of the product now, it may return as a subtle, cost-effective ear stud option. Now you can display your love for cannabis by wearing it on your ear for a low cost.

The Lit Pendant
Sapphire Collective Jewelry had an interesting idea. Let’s make the piece practical for lovers of cannabis. That’s why they designed an 18K gold joint. It comes with 1.3 carats of 62 shades of sunset-orange and silver sapphires. The joint will hang from a 14-carat chain with a 4.20 (get it?) sapphire and encrusted with 11 finely cut diamonds. Sound pricey? It is! This piece will set you back $15,000, but for a cannabis lover who can afford it, it’s worth every penny.

3 Sweet Leaf Anklet
Sure there are plenty of necklaces or bracelets, rings, and necklaces to go around but Jacquie Achie offers a breathtaking 14K gold anklet as well. Formed from either rose or white gold, this light little piece is surrounded by three cannabis leaves and makes a unique addition for any cannabis lover’s jewelry set. These are just some of the choices available to you. There are a growing number of distributors of fine cannabis style pieces to choose from. Explore some options today and show some love to the jewelers that make it happen.

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CBD Marketing Tips

If you have a newly established CBD business and are wondering how to begin marketing your products, this article is meant for you. It will share some tips on finding your target market, and how to go about advertising to the consumers you want to reach. It might seem to be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry it’s easy once you have it all planned out and organized.

How to Find Your Target Market
So the first thing is to locate your target market. How many consumers use cannabidiol products on a regular basis? What are the best markets for selling CBD edibles in the U.S? A recent study concluded that as much as 14% of the adult population of the United States uses CBD products daily. While 14% may not sound like a lot, that means that 50% of adults are not using it and some have not even tried it at all. That is an untapped market right there. Since the legalization of hemp products for agriculture, CBD products derived from hemp are becoming increasingly popular. CBD edible products and CBD oils have gained popularity and their sales continue to increase daily. Introducing CBD products into a group that has never tried it is a great way to get your product out there and to the people who may need it and not know it yet. What you want to do here is not focus all of your efforts on that 14%, but spread them out over the whole larger demographic. Most likely that 14% will purchase your products because they are already familiar with the benefits of CBD oil and regularly use the products, but the ones that don’t use it yet might be curious enough to try some to see if it is worth it to them.

Figure Out Your Target
We already know that a large portion of adults in the US are older people with pain management issues, stress, anxiety, arthritis, and trouble sleeping. Older adults suffer more debilitating conditions than younger adults and would benefit from the use of CBD. Also, more western states have legalized cannabis and hemp-derived CBD than those on the east coast (very few) and the middle states (those in the bible belt) not at all, except for North Dakota which allows medical use. So, your target market should include older adults, men and women 50+living in the western states.

Forms of Marketing
When it comes to marketing and advertising, there are strategies that have proven to be effective at marketing products online.

  • Content marketing
  • Blogging about CBD topics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Hiring a digital marketing consultant

Even though hemp CBD is legal in many areas, you have to be careful about how you word your marketing campaigns. The FDA prohibits marketing that uses claims of health benefits or as a treatment for pain. It is not allowed to advertise your product as having health benefits because there has not been enough scientific evidence to back up such claims.

Some social media sites like Facebook, Google Ads, and Twitter don’t allow advertising CBD products on their platform. Instagram isn’t so restrictive but it is better to market indirectly on Instagram.

Content Marketing With Lead Magnets
A lead magnet is a tool you use to draw people in to check out your product or service. It can be an ebook that you sell or give away for free, a report or white paper, or a downloadable chart. It is anything your visitor may find to be of value or beneficial. This could be a report on the “Top 10 Best CBD Products for Insomnia,” or something similar. You need something informational that you can offer to your visitors as a thank you for subscribing to your channel or email list. If they sign up using their email address you can add it to a master list and market to them through email as well.

Content Marketing With Blog Articles
Blogs focused on CBD or cannabis products would allow you to post your articles as a guest post if you asked and follow their requirements for posting. You would need to contact the blog owner and ask about guest posting. They often allow 1 link in the bio section back to the author’s website. Buy advertising space on private blogs. Besides guest posting, some blogs will allow you to rent space on their blog for a monthly recurring price. You may be granted a space in the sidebar for 1 ad. This and guest posting can be combined for better results. You would need to use this same strategy with several blogs.

Infographics on Instagram and Pinterest
Visual marketing is highly effective on these two channels. Infographic charts with a lot of statistics get noticed most often. You might also get an influencer to let you advertise on their page for 24 hours. This is often a highly effective method, especially if the influencer is well known in the target market.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliates are people you hire to sell your products and advertise for you. They receive a commission for each sale that they bring to you. So you will have your own advertising efforts, plus those of others working for you to get the word out about your product and get visitors to your sales page.

Marketing Tips for Selling Online:

1. Focus on Your Content
Make sure you have lots of informational content written with SEO in mind. It should be informative and interesting with lots of facts and statistics. People love numbers and seem to click on things that have a lot of statistical data.

2. Find Profitable Keywords
This is important for SEO and getting your content ranked in the search engines. Your blog content should incorporate the same keywords to get your site content ranked as well as your articles and guest posts.

3. Create an Affiliate Network
This is an important step but it may take you a little time to accomplish since you’ll need affiliate codes and banners for the affiliates to put on their site to refer customers.

4. Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant
If you have trouble getting your marketing campaign to work for you you always have the option of hiring a digital marketing consultant to offer helpful advice. He or she may be able to offer a suggestion that you hadn’t thought of. Don’t overlook any opportunity for help.

5. Create an Email Marketing List
You should collect and store all the email addresses of everyone who signs up on your website or subscribes to your blog. If they give you their email address it gives you permission to send them marketing materials in the future since you have already established contact. That doesn’t mean you can spam them though. Send out ezine letters and email occasionally, such as when you get a new product or have changes coming up.

While many platforms restrict or prohibit advertising of CBD-related products, there are those sites that do allow it and find like-minded channels or blogs may open up more opportunities. Some sites allow hemp-derived CBD products only, and others none at all. It takes time to get to know which platforms will allow you to market on them. Facebook is considering hemp-derived CBD but has not made it official. You can still effectively market your CBD edibles and oils on many private blogs, websites, and through some social media channels.

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New Jersey Expans their Medical Marijuana Program

The enthusiasm of those living in New Jersey sparked up back in July 2019, when the Governor signed a bill meant to improve the existing New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program. And the Department of Health officially confirmed that their plan was to accept applications from both individuals and marijuana companies that aimed to cultivate and distribute CBD edibles or marijuana from their own facilities.

The plan to expand the existing Medical Marijuana Program in New Jersey was meant to issue licenses for an extra 15 dispensaries, five cultivation areas, and four vertically integrated permits. And to make everything even more secure, a new regulation was enacted. All applications must offer proof of their security plan, along with how they will ensure the quality of their products. Also, the legislation underlines the need for applicants to create a plan and diminish as much as possible the environmental impact of the cultivation and manufacturing of marijuana or CBD edibles.

Overall, CBD edibles and medical cannabis were deemed as legal products in New Jersey back in 2010. The Governor at that time, Jon Corzine, strived to enact such law and managed to sing it on his last day in office. Still, this wasn’t enough, and New Jersey marijuana dispensaries suffered a lot until 2019.

The restrictive law didn’t allow many to enroll in the program, which led to several unauthorized businesses that distributed CBD edibles or medical marijuana without an actual license. And when the following Governor publicly opposed legalizing marijuana in New Jersey, everyone believed there is no future for the Medical Marijuana Program.

But when Governor Murphy was elected in 2017, the state significantly changed its position concerning New Jersey marijuana dispensaries and medical marijuana usage. He continuously tries to expand the Medical Cannabis Program, which ultimately led to the 2019 new legislation concerning this topic. The focus was on allowing all medical practitioners to make use of marijuana products that had the potential to better a patient’s wellbeing. And besides this, CBD edibles and other marijuana-derived products were added on the list of allowed prescriptions. Still, the monthly limit for patients was raised to three ounces, while the CBD edibles were legally allowed to be prescribed to adults, as up until 2019, these were legally allowed only for kids.

At the beginning of 2020, Governor Murphy faced a drawback concerning the Medical Marijuana Program. There are still many who oppose this law, which is why New Jersey Voters will have to wait until November 2020 to see how Marijuana Legislation will end. The referendum is meant to allow voters to decide whether or not there is a need for a recreational cannabis measure in the state. The ballot inquiry will ask voters if they agree with the constitutional amendment legalizing recreational cannabis for adults 21 or older. So, we are eagerly waiting to see what the future of New Jersey medical dispensaries will be!


Navy OKs CBD Use


If you are working for the United States Navy, it is important to have a clear understanding about the laws associated with the consumption of CBD. In fact, it is better if you can contact a San Diego lawyer and get a better understanding about the legal ability that you have to use CBD products, before you head to a CBD oil store.

In order to make the life easy for you, we thought of consulting a San Diego lawyer and getting to know about the latest changes in the rules and regulations of Navy with regards to CBD. Then you will be able to make an informed decision when you are hitting a CBD oil store, so that you can enjoy what you buy without having to worry about anything. Navy decided to introduce these changes after the changes of federal laws with regards to the usage of CBD products.


Richard Spencer, who is the Secretary of the Navy went ahead and issued a guidance that should be followed when dealing with CBD. This took place soon after the legalization of newest federal farm bill.

Navy has recently come up with a new guidance program. A large number of products with CBD are now getting released to the market. People are tempted to go ahead and use those products as well. Navy doesn’t want to restrict people from using those products, especially due to the positive health benefits. However, the Navy doesn’t want people to abuse the privilege as well. That’s the reason why they came up with a decision to allow people to consume CBD products, which contain 0.3% THC or less. Such CBD products are not in a position to make a person feel high or induce any other psychological effects. Hence, it is always safe to use such CBD products. You can also purchase such CBD products from the local CBD oil stores as well.


Along with this fact, many people seem to get confused with the Zero Tolerance Policy that can be found in Navy. This is where the assistance of a San Diego lawyer comes into play. According to Jeff Carver, who is a lawyer from San Diego, some of the people who work for the Navy would fail drug test due to the consumption of CBD products. Moreover, he has stated that all the CBD products available in the market are not safe as well. For example, some of the CBD shampoos come along with a lower concentration of THC, which is under 0.3%. However, these products are dangerous.

There is a zero-tolerance policy in Navy for the consumption of products that come along with THC. However, the usage of a topical CBD product will make a person to get tested positive for the presence of THC in the body. This is the main reason why you should think twice before you go ahead and consume any product that comes with CBD.


There is no effective method to differentiate CBD from THC when they get into the body. Hence, there is no possibility to prove that you have THC present in your body due to the consumption of a CBD topical cream that you purchase from a CBD oil store. That’s where a Navy sailor would fail the drug test and be forced to deal with the negative consequences that come along with it.

According to the current regulations of Navy, there is no possibility for you to go ahead and use marijuana. You will also notice that the other services are linked with similar prohibitions as well. That’s because marijuana is prohibited by the existing federal law. However, the latest farm bill showcases the difference that exist in between CBD that is derived out of marijuana and CBD that is derived from industrial hemp. In the CBD products that are derived from industrial hemp, you cannot find any THC at all. Hence, it is possible to use them and make sure that you don’t have to deal with the negative effects that you will have to face at the end of the day.

CBD industry is rapidly evolving within the country. Therefore, it is the high time for Navy to pay attention towards it. The Navy has already taken the correct decision by giving approval for CBD products that contain THC levels of under 0.3%. This allows the Navy sailors to use CBD products that are made of industrial hemp.

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New Jersey United for Marijuana Reformÿ

Marijuana legislation in New Jersey was changed continuously since 2010, when it was first deemed as a legal alternative medical treatment. Plenty of governors opposed it, but at the same time, there were quite a few vocal governors who aimed to underline the benefits of New Jersey marijuana dispensaries. And besides this, different changes in the current law were enacted, so that CBD edibles will become legal for almost everyone.

This cannabis reform split the population in New Jersey. Some advocate for the benefits of having marijuana dispensaries and easy access to CBD edibles. But others underline the fact that it can cause an increase in abusing marijuana or marijuana-derived products.

This is what led to the appearance of a public partnership named New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform. The NJUMR aims to underline the benefits and necessity of legalizing CBD edibles and medical marijuana. They advocate for improving New Jersey’s laws so that marijuana will be deemed as legal for adults 21 or older. Also, they underline the fact that there are plenty of marijuana arrest issues that don’t fit the civil rights environment correctly, as more African American New Jerseyans were arrested for having a couple of ounces of marijuana than it was the case with other nationalities.

So, the NJUMR advocates for legalizing medical marijuana, but at the same time, they stress the need for ending such prohibition due to the fact that it leads to racial injustice. Besides, enabling New Jersey marijuana dispensaries to function legally and allowing marijuana companies to distribute their products, will create new jobs, and boost public safety. And we couldn’t agree more. The state requires firm regulations that will allow marijuana companies to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute their CBD edibles and medical marijuana in a safe environment.

There are several members of the NJUMR, both public figures, and associations that advocate and strive their best to support the Marijuana Reform. The committee is represented by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, the Latino Action Network, the Doctor for Cannabis Regulations, William J. Caruso, and Jon-Henry Barr. Of course, there are plenty of other members of the committee, all of which volunteer for the greater good of the state.

By the end of 2020, a ballot will be held so that people living in New Jersey will vote concerning this topic. As such, NJUMR aims to reveal and teach everyone about the need for legalizing medical marijuana and create a sturdy distribution system. The common belief is that prohibiting medical marijuana furthermore, it will only cause public safety concerns, as marijuana companies will continue to distribute their products without a safety regulation in place.

marijuana companies

governor signs pro new jersey marijuana bill

Since mid-summer 2019, New Jersey attempted to create a plan for marijuana companies in the area. And the amount of New Jersey marijuana dispensary licenses continued to increase until the beginning of 2020. This medical cannabis program is still a competitive field to enroll in, as there are only a few marijuana companies that end up being deemed eligible for a marijuana license. Overall, New Jersey continually tries to improve its rapidly growing marijuana business industry, as more and more medical marijuana dispensaries seek for a grant under the current law.

Back in 2019, only 24 permits were enacted, with several applications in New Jersey. As such, we’ve seen that there were five marijuana dispensaries licensed, along with two cultivation and one integrated marijuana company for each region. Thus, the northern, central, and southern New Jersey had 24 marijuana permits and one at-large vertically integrated permit. The general rule in this area is that every individual or business that seeks an official license to cultivate or distribute medical marijuana is permitted to request up to three permits. Yet, everyone is allowed to request only one application per region.

This comes from the events that developed back in July 2019. At that time, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a pro-business medical cannabis expansion bill. And we can say with certainty that during the past months this benefited the marijuana companies greatly in New Jersey. New Jersey struggled a lot with legislation concerning legalizing recreational marijuana. But as soon as the governor approved the bill, there was a notable development for both New Jersey marijuana dispensaries and marijuana companies.

consume  This new New Jersey marijuana law makes room for several changes meant to boost the licensing process and enable patients to access the best New Jersey marijuana dispensaries. The goal is to create a safe environment for the production, cultivation, and distribution of marijuana-related products so that the highest quality is ensured. Murphy’s administration aimed to:

  • Design individual cultivation, production, and dispensary licenses in order to allow every interested party to request and be evaluated for a cultivation permit.
  • Create a three-year plan in which the New Jersey marijuana business sales tax will phase out by at least 6%.
  • Create a Cannabis Regulatory Commission with the purpose of managing and ensuring the quality of the products distributed by businesses enrolled in the MMJ program.
  • Enable all medical practitioners to recommend medical marijuana as a means of treatment. Until 2019, only doctors were legally allowed to prescribe cannabis as a treatment. The new legislation enables physician assistants and advanced-practice nurses to suggest it, too.

Overall, the New Jersey governor is working towards creating a safer environment for both patients and marijuana companies. The purpose is to ensure that everyone gets access to qualitative and not-dangerous marijuana products. And we can say that these changes in the legislation allowed more marijuana companies to get licensed, which in turn added in the quality of their products and manufacturing practices.

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Are CBD Nasal Sprays Effective For Allergies?

When allergies make your life miserable, nasal spray or nasal decongestant are the only things that can bring instant relief. But a regular mist would not be as effective as a CBD Nasal Spray. It’s a new brainwave in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Extensive studies and researches have been published on how CBD is a miracle anecdote to several diseases and ailments. Many articles have covered its numerous health benefits. Similarly, asthma and allergy flare ups can also be cured by CBD intake. We say that because some of the groundwork claims that CBD can reduce inflammation and mucus production in the respiratory tract which leads to asthma and allergic symptoms. 

How Is CBD Effective For Allergies? 
An allergy is caused by certain stimulants that bring about painful symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, etc. It’s a chronic disease which causes disorientation of the body’s immune system and it perceives certain substances as harmful. CBD is known to act as an immune modulator which prevents the immune system from overreacting and triggering allergy symptoms like watery eyes, runny nose or sneezing and rashes/hives. CBD also activates the CB1 and CB2 receptors which in turn decreases airway sensitivity in asthma sufferers. It is a general anti-inflammatory agent.  

How to Take CBD for Allergies?     
The answer is quite obvious, through a nasal spray. Not only to control allergic explosions, but CBD Nasal Spray is also being used to treat chronic conditions, muscle spasms, seizures and neurological disorders. It is as well an instant nasal decongestant, relieving stuffed noses in a short time. The basic ingredients of this amazing cannabis nasal spray are saline solution and medically approved THC and CBD. However, the question that most of us by now want to ask is, why so much emphasis on CBD nasal spray? 

Cannabinoids are most beneficial when they reach our bloodstream without being passed through an organ. Therefore, when you spray vapors of CBD into your passage they are directly transported to your bloodstream in a matter of seconds. Without having to pass through the liver where all substances are transported to be absorbed into the bloodstream, CBD molecules through respiratory tract is absorbed 6-8 times more efficiently. The extensive network of vascular capillaries under the nasal skin mucosa guarantees immediate and easy conduction of active neurons to and from the brain. There are two cranial nerves, the Olfactory Nerve and the Trigeminal Nerve that acts as a direct passageway to brain. 

CBD has been shown to traverse nasal membrane as fast as 30 seconds. You will, therefore, experience prompt relief. This also means that you can take smaller doses of CBD as compared the amount (in mg) administered orally or through other routes. There are many companies that produce CBD nasal sprays in regions where cannabinoids have been completely legalized. All you have to do is shake the mist bottle, place the spray slightly into your nostril and compress the pump. Breathe to find instant satisfaction!              

CBD sleep aid

Best CBD sleep aid

CBD sleep aid

The popularity and functionality of CBD can no longer be confined within covers; its utility covers several distinct arenas from treating the painful symptoms of arthritis, asthma, sinusitis to relieving anxiety and depression. Before we start evaluating CBD’s role in aiding sleep, let us state a few facts here- firstly, there are about 60 million people in the world who suffer from insomnia and secondly, around 22 million people put up with sleep apnea.

More often than not, these sleeping disabilities stem from stress or anxiety, which if not treated while there’s still time can take up the form of chronic issue and acute medical condition.

CBD when introduced in the system catalyzes sleep by stimulating the same receptors as caffeine; furthermore, CBD is a 100% natural chemicals and is referred to as phytocannabinoid, meaning, its molecules can interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body triggering its homeostatic conditions. This is the reason why CBD can show a positive influence on depression, anxiety, appetite, pain and inflammation. In the following section, we will be jotting down the best CBD sleep aids available in the market today.

CBD sleep aid
  • Green Roads CBD oil
    Green Roads CBD oil is quite like any other CBD products available for inducing sleep; however, its distinguishing element lies in the fact that it will not let you pass into a feeling of trance, but aid you with a sensation of relaxation. In the last few years Green Roads’ CBD products have been honored with the rating of a top seller and justifiably so. It offers a versatile range of CBD hemp-based oil products in different sizes such as 350mg and 550mg and users have time and again fallen back on them as a reliable source of relaxation and instrument to combat anxiety that is direct repercussion of sleeping disorder or insomnia.

  • Premium Jane Full spectrum
    Premium Jane is comparatively new in the market but equally efficient as its major competitions; if you seek to draw a parallel with the existing brands, its caliber can be equated with PurKana, Green Roads and the like. Their 300mg and 600mg CBD tinctures, in particular can work marvelously to erase sleep issues and the other relative problems. If you want a stronger and more effective tincture, you can opt for the 1000mg one that goes a step beyond than only securing sleep issues; when used mindfully and in controlled doses, it can even heal some physical complications.
CBD sleep aid
  • Soul CBD
    If you ever feel that uncontrolled thoughts and painful deliberations are coming in your way of a peaceful sleep , then Soul CBD sleep aid is the answer. Their oil formula contains about 99% hemp derived CBD Isolate and MCT oil that play a key part in optimizing general health and wellness. Available in a variety of flavors including Mint, Orange, Peppermint and Lemon Lime, Soul CBD oil affirms that you will be endowed with respite from even the most acute form of discomfort, anxiousness and everything that lies in between.

Ways to consume CBD

CBD edibles

CBD edibles are meant for consumption through the mouth and all the foods, beverages and capsules that have certain levels of medicinal marijuana infused in it qualify for the edibles. These products can be easily brought from any food stores or stations because CBD edibles have been legalized by the Federal law in many states of the country. The most favored form of these edibles is CBD chocolates and gummies because they do not remind the user of any bitter taste or smell that usually accompanies marijuana and has a lot of fun flavors. The CBD chocolates or the CBD edibles can either be consumed individually or added to food, shakes, sweets or cakes; but remember that heating these edibles can produce an unpleasant taste. These CBD edibles and CBD chocolates can take some time to show its effects because it takes 2-3 hours to get digested and absorbed in the bloodstream.

CBD oils and tinctures

The CBD oils and tinctures are meant to be kept under the tongue and should be introduced in very small amounts with the help of a dropper. The CBD oil has carrier oil other than its main ingredient CBD in its content and they can include oils like coconut oil, hemp oil or seed oil. Coming to the CBD tinctures, they are composed of ingredients such as vinegar, ethanol, alcohol or any other synthetic flavor to grant it color and smell. The CBD oils and tinctures work faster than CBD edibles and the impact will be visible within 30-40 minutes within its consumption.

CBD skin patches

The CBD skin patches, or more commonly known as the transdermal patches are available in the form of sticky sheets with CBD properties to be placed somewhere on the skin. Through these patches, the CBD enters directly into the bloodstream crossing the dermal layer of the skin to be absorbed more quickly and are activated once the body starts releasing heat after the dissection of the CBD compounds in it, and this process takes around four to six hours. There are essentially two types of CBD patches available in the market and they are ‘Matrix Patches’ that have a layer of CBD and adhesive in it and the second one is ‘Reservoir Patches’, as the name suggests, the CBD is present in these patches along with a gel solution that will ensure that your blood receives the CBD for a prolonged period of time.

CBD creams and lotions

Again a form of CBD take will enter our system by seeping through the skin, the CBD creams and lotions work best for patients with inflammatory and painful symptoms in their bodies. The specific nature of the CBD lotions arises from the fact that when they are applied on your skin, the endocannabinoid receptors found underneath the outermost layer interfaces the CBD compounds. The impact on these areas usually takes up to an hour to show up and will last for at least four to five hours.

CBD vaporizing

According to researchers, this method is only suitable for people who not allergic or irritable to smoke. The CBD is inhaled through an item known as a vape, which makes the substance suitable for inhaling. The smoke when reaches our body is immediately absorbed by the lungs and absorbed in the bloodstream. Owing to the swift reactions from the body, the effect stays for a short time too and therefore you need to take incessant puffs from the vape to experience a continued effect.