Pets and CBD: Benefits, Dosage and More

Cannabidiol abbreviated as CBD refers to a compound present in cannabis which is often known as marijuana. CBD is just one of over 113 components of the plant which are still being investigated over potential health benefits. CBD for dogs contains confirmed low levels of THC and that is why is incorporated in pet feeds. Due to its known toxicity levels, it is impossible for it to cause an overdose.

  • Benefits of CBD to Dogs
  • CBD has a whole list of benefits to our pets. Such include:
  • CBD is a powerful painkiller: Studies show that it has a variety of pain-relieving capabilities.
  • Due to its ability to help control tremors, seizures, tics and spasms, CBD is the best known anticonvulsant to be used on pets.
  • CBD is also an anti-inflammatory supplement since it is useful in treating more than conditions that affect the normal functioning of our pets.
  • Just like humans, pets also suffer stress and anxiety. Studies show that CBD aids in managing such mental conditions.
  • There is relatively strong evidence that shows that CBD is capable of preventing such as nausea and vomiting among pets and at the same time stimulate appetite. For this reason, it is a known antiemetic.
  • Sometimes pets develop tumors that if untreated may cause their death. CBS has been investigated and noted that it helps fight colon cancer by stopping the development, growth and spread of the malevolent tumors.
  • According to most pet owners, they not only use CBD to treat illnesses that attack their pets, but also as a general supplement to oversee the general well being and health of their pets.
  • CBD has also been proven to prevent the onset of Arthritis and skin diseases among pets.

Most CBD oil for dogs is generated from help oil and ensured that it contains very little or no traces of THC. It is a helpful compound and due to the assured safety,most states have taken it up and use to ensure healthy pets.

The Correct CBD Dosage for Your Pets

It is always important to know the exact amount of CBD to administer to your pet so as to avoid causing it any harm as a result of overdosing. Factors such as the age, size and weight of the animal affect how much CD your pet should take. Obviously, a puppy takes a different and lesser dose as compared to the mother dog, even though you have the intention of controlling the same disease.

Generally, CBD oils are administered in form of drops which depending on the product consists of 2-4 drops taken between 2-4 times daily. The oil must be administered in the pet’s mouth, ideally under the tongue. The dosage can however be adjusted to less than 2 drops depending on the condition and the age of the pet.

On the other hand, CDB capsules include a dosage of up to 20mg of CBD per pet per session. Similarly, the exact number of capsules ingested depends on the named factors; the age, size & weight of the pet as well as the product being used. For the capsules, in most cases only one tablet is taken 1-2 times per day.

Pet owners are always encouraged to follow the instructions that come with the product at any time they are administering CBD to their pets.The instructions come with inscribed formulas on how to calculate dosage based on your pet’s weight or even a chart to check the dosage against its age.

Additionally, it is also important to note that the drug does not always start to react with the pet’s body immediately. The owner or anyone administering CBD has to be patient enough since it can take even afew hours for it to kick in.after administering CBD, you should treat your pet with its favorite treat.

Choosing a Good CBD Oil for Your Pet

Not all CBD oils are the same; some are genuine while others might not be. For your assurance of the quality product, below are a few things to always watch out for:

  • Ensure that the oil you are purchasing is organic: Inorganic CBD oils are perceived to contain fungicides, pesticides and solvents
  • It is advisable not to always go for cheap commodities. According to many people, cheap products are of low quality. The higher the quality, the higher the price.
  • Always get a la analysis before you take the drug home with you.
  • Buy CBD as a tincture: this will enable you to adjust the dose drop by drop and make sure the pet gets all the benefit.

The Cost of CBD
Among pet owners, the cost of quality CBD oil is an important aspect. Overly, the cost of purchasing CBD oil is $0.11 per 1milligram of the product. For instance, if you are seeking to buy a 10ml bottle of CBD oil for your pet, and you possess the idea that there are possibly 1500mg of CBD in the oil and the CBD costs roughly $200 you are in a position to compute the approximated cost. You simply have to divide the cost of CBD by the number of milligrams you are getting for that price.