CBD Oil in Sports

There have been long discussions among major sports leagues and management on the use of the substance. It has been understood that CBD is beneficial to sports men and women but the underlying factor is that it is a component of cannabis, better known as ‘marijuana’. This has proved difficult to integrate the oil in the major sport leagues thus sparking a lot of controversy.

Factors to consider when accepting or banning a substance in sports

  1. Performance enhancement

Competitions have rules in order to ensure fair play among the parties. The use of substances may enhance the performance of a player on the field putting others at a significant disadvantage. If this is the case, then the substance is deemed illegal and may amount to disqualification or even jail time if a player is found having taken or in possession of the same.

  1. Distortion of the sport’s spirit

Sportsmanship is the general professionalism with which players have as they play. It is the will to play for the love of the sport first. For a substance to be allowed it has to maintain this spirit. Nonetheless, if it leads to adverse effects such as skipping practice or truancy then it is banned.

  1. Health risk

The use of some of the substances present in the market lead to an increase in the prevalence of diseases and other health complications. It is for this reason that such as a substance can be banned.

CBD benefits in sports

  1. Muscle healing

There are a lot of injuries that are realized in sports. Some of the rough sports such as rugby and football lead to muscle spasms caused by straining of muscles either in play or in training, wreckage of the spinal cord which may render the player permanently paralyzed and damage to the nervous system.

CBD oil is a natural healing component which quickens the recovery process thus allowing players to recover and get back to the sport they love. It has essential vitamins such as Vitamin D and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus which quicken recovery.

  1. Effective work outs

Training is an important aspect in the life of any sports player. It helps the body to cope with the immense pressure expected of the player in the field of play. CBD oil has laxative effects and thus reduces anxiety when the player is training or playing. It helps to removal any depression caused by training or the onset of injury.

The use of this oil is a safer way of supplementing the body in training than the use of harmful supplements such as steroids which are not only banned in all major sport leagues but also have adverse effects including death.

  1. Reduce inflammation

Sports are activities that involve a lot of movement. Marathon athletes run for 42 kilometers with an average time of 2 hours 30 minutes. Basketball and soccer players run around their fields of play for over an hour without rest. This may cause immense strain on their joints which leads to internal inflammation hence causing injuries in their organs.

The health benefits of the oil ensure that the pain present in these joints is minimized and the inflammation present is stopped and reduced. This is a greater option as compared to anti-inflammatory drugs have been known to have adverse effects of the health of the player. The oil is applied as cream on the sore regions and can also be ingested to reduce internal damage.

Reaction in global sports organizations

  1. World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

This is the biggest organization when it comes to the use of substances. It made a ruling in 2018, to allow the use of CBD oil among sportspersons which was a major relief to the many players who can now access the use of the oil for quicker recovery without the risk of having to be disqualified from the respective sport they participate in. They can, however, incorporate the oil in their training but choose a source that is free of THC.

  1. National Basketball Association (NBA)

This league has banned the use of marijuana for active players in the sport. Nevertheless, it has not really banned the use of CBD oil. Its rules allow the use of the oil only if it passes the regular tests administered to players on a seasonal basis. Some of the sources of the oil may contain THC, a substance that renders these tests positive. To avoid this, players should get this oil from proved physicians.

  1. National Football League (NFL)

American football is a rough sport and as such, there are a lot of injuries and accidents that happen on and off the pitch. They take months or even years to be fully treated by which time the player is expendable. Various commissioners of the organization have posited that the use of CBD oil is essential for players in the sport.

Nevertheless, there is no way this can be implemented now due to the clause present in the collective bargaining agreement which can only be altered in 2020 after its expiry. However, this means that things are looking up for these players.

  1. National Hockey League (NHL)

It is arguably one of the most physically demanding sports. Unlike the other major leagues mentioned above, the use of marijuana is not banned in the sport. As such, players are free to use CBD oil without minding the rules or the source. Nonetheless, caution should be taken since some sources may have adverse effects on the health of the player.