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CBD Vaping: Is it bad for you?

Although vaping has been around for more than a decade, it was not until the introduction of CBD and the subsequent outbreak of severe lung disease associated with the CBD pen that the safety of such products were called into question. Vaping or e-cigarettes have been used to help people kick the tobacco habit. But the introduction of the CBD pen has allowed many people to inhale this substance for their own needs.

Are Vape Pens Safe?
The answer to that question seems to depend on who you ask. What is true is that vaping nicotine is generally considered safer than smoking tobacco products. This is because the water vapor and other chemicals used for vaping do not include the carcinogens found in tobacco products that cause cancer.

But this is not to say that vaping is risk-free. There are concerns from reputable organizations such as the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine that have concluded vaping does carry considerable dangers such as the following.

  • Toxins
  • Addiction
  • Poor Quality Vaping Devices
  • Unintentional Consumption of Vaping Fluid

Different Types of Vaping Devices
First Generation: These are disposable vaping devices such as e-cigs, minis, or cig-a-likes.

Second Generation: These are the pens, such as the CBD vape pen and e-hookah mid-size devices

Third Generation: Such devices tend to be larger and for long-term use. They have a long battery life, are usually rechargeable, and contain options for different types of liquids.

Health Risks
Although the studies still contain conflicting information, it is generally believed that vaping is connected to heart disease. While not as strong a connection compared to smoking tobacco, there is still a relationship involved. In addition, vaping increases the risk of heart disease along with stroke.

Less apparent is the risk that vaping has to lung issues. Various studies have come to different conclusions as to the association of vaping and the health of the lungs. There may be other factors involved such as the use of lead in certain vaping products or toxins associated with certain types of liquids that may be the actual cause.

Should People Vape?
The American Heart Association says no. It is recommended that people who vape to quit smoking tobacco products or to ingest CBD should use another, safer method. For those who have yet to start vaping, it is recommended that they do not begin. While the health risks are still being studied, it is considered best to err on the side of caution.

For those who are taking CBD and do not want to run the risks of vaping, methods such as topical products applied to the skin, consuming CBD edibles, and tinctures which are drops applied under the tongue offer a safe method.

In the end, the CBD vape pen is still being studied for its effects. Whether it will be fully approved again or considered safe is still in question. But what is true is that many people are interested in using the CBD pen as a better, faster way of absorbing cannabidiol into their systems compared to other methods.