Jewelry For CBD Lovers

Whether you are a believer or simply a fan of a particular topic or genre, you most likely enjoy displaying your interest or pride of that entity through some form of expression. A fan of a musical artist sometimes gets their name or likeness tattooed on their body. Fans of sports teams or clubs like to represent their passion by wearing the team’s brand on a shirt or a cap. A person devout to religion may wear a cross, a crescent moon, the star of David, or any other religious symbol around their neck. But how do those who are fans of cannabis show their appreciation for their product of choice or brand? Perhaps the idea of CBD jewelry appeals to them. Let’s consider that jewelry is a versatile form of personal attire and expression, suiting different people with different tastes and allowing everyone to display their representation of self in their own way. Some may prefer necklaces, while others are suited more to bracelets. Some people prefer a ring in their earlobe while others are more likely to wear one on their finger. If you are proud of your love for cannabis products, you can express yourself with your own style and choice of CBD jewelry. Much like any other types of representative and imaginative pieces, jewelry for CBD products can come in many forms, and there are entire online marketplaces that specialize exactly in this type of product. Let’s take a look at some of the choices, and the potential options they offer.

High Point Jewelry
High Point Jewelry is a marketplace that offers a wide variety of creative, original, and beautiful choices are many different price points, composed of most types of common jewelry ranging from pieces made from silver and gemstones (the GenM line) to those formulated from gold and diamonds (High Point Jewelry). The company even carries an original “Molecule Collection” that features unique silver, gold, and gemstone combinations of much-loved necklaces and earrings in the shape of the THC and CBD molecular shapes. Formerly known as GENIFER M Jewelry, the company rebranded itself to High Point Jewelry to reflect the growing worldwide acceptance of cannabis and the change in the company’s own evolution. The company’s founders were an integral part in assisting in the promotion of legal and safe cannabis use. They served on the Colorado Task Force in the lead up to cannabis legalization in the state, operating extraction and manufacturing facilities, operating initial state testing facilities, owning a popular dispensary and CBD store, and working closely with the state’s political figures to establish the legalization of CBD products. The company set its course to market their jewelry products through an online marketplace in response to a growing wave of marijuana legalization across the country in order to be able to reach a wider audience. The selection of products offered by High Point Jewelry is quite diverse, offering imaginative designs of cannabis leaves and other CBD representations in the form of pennants, necklaces, studs, cufflinks, bracelets, pins, and many more.

Ras Boss
Ras Boss is another option for CBD jewelry but they take a different approach. Rather than finely refined, eloquently cut diamond or gem-studded pieces of all types, they market interesting “golden nugs” as one of their signature products. Made from all types of materials, including platinum and 24-carat gold, studded with a great variety of gems. Additionally, Ras Boss offers various pieces of cannabis leaves. The most interesting part is that all of the CBD jewelry offered by Ras Doss is artistically crafted from real cannabis. Through the production process, the chemical components of cannabis are wiped out or rendered inert, but there is no question of what the starting material of the work is. Their unique art form thereby transforms actual cannabis into jewelry products by dipping original buds into gold or platinum, retaining the original shape of the product.

If you are looking for a foray into some serious originality, you are likely familiar with the Etsy marketplace. If you have any doubt about whether Etsy ventures into the CBD jewelry world, let your wondering end here. Etsy is a massive player in online marketing and the creation of CBD products is no exception. A particularly interesting foray is into the realm of ‘poison ring’ products they offer. Poison rings have been historically known to be used as pieces of jewelry used by anyone from assassins to discreetly poison their victims so superstitious believing people who thought of jewelry as a weapon against the spirits from a realm beyond ours. The interesting historical connotation of these rings is in that they contain a hidden compartment. This is an interesting correlation for someone who wears one with a likeness of a cannabis leaf to perhaps carry a little portion of the beloved substance on their person.

Some Other Interesting CBD Jewelry Items
There are some other creative ways you can show your 420 love.

Double Sweet Leaf Wrap Ring
Jacquie Aiche offers a double-wrapped ring that comes in 14k yellow, rose, or white gold, and is available in most sizes. Rhianna is a big fan of this cannabis-themed shop too.

Locket Mill
Available in 18K Gold Vermeil or Black Rhodium the Locket Mill available from ASCHE Industries is a cool looking pendant that not only looks sleek and modern, but it can also discreetly store your stash inside. And no one would be the wiser.

Stoned Circle Necklace
While this necklace won’t secretly hold your pot stash, it is a cool looking piece from High Society Collection, has a unique sliding mechanism that serves as a clip for your joints. Simply slide the stone back, put your joint in, and snip it by moving the stone back into place.

Flower 2 Finger Ring
Take a double ring and put a golden nug on top, for a seriously unique jewelry piece from Lost Track Jewelry. It comes in silver, gold, and platinum. And yes the golden nugget is real, but no, you can’t smoke it.

Cannabis Charm Bracelet
This Toke Shop offering is 14K rose gold and carries a signature of the cannabis leaf on its small flat plate. Keep it around your wrist for a proud but subtle display of your ‘green’ friend. When you order, it even arrives at your door in a gift box.

Krush Stud
While IGWT NYC might be out of the product now, it may return as a subtle, cost-effective ear stud option. Now you can display your love for cannabis by wearing it on your ear for a low cost.

The Lit Pendant
Sapphire Collective Jewelry had an interesting idea. Let’s make the piece practical for lovers of cannabis. That’s why they designed an 18K gold joint. It comes with 1.3 carats of 62 shades of sunset-orange and silver sapphires. The joint will hang from a 14-carat chain with a 4.20 (get it?) sapphire and encrusted with 11 finely cut diamonds. Sound pricey? It is! This piece will set you back $15,000, but for a cannabis lover who can afford it, it’s worth every penny.

3 Sweet Leaf Anklet
Sure there are plenty of necklaces or bracelets, rings, and necklaces to go around but Jacquie Achie offers a breathtaking 14K gold anklet as well. Formed from either rose or white gold, this light little piece is surrounded by three cannabis leaves and makes a unique addition for any cannabis lover’s jewelry set. These are just some of the choices available to you. There are a growing number of distributors of fine cannabis style pieces to choose from. Explore some options today and show some love to the jewelers that make it happen.