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New Jersey Expans their Medical Marijuana Program

The enthusiasm of those living in New Jersey sparked up back in July 2019, when the Governor signed a bill meant to improve the existing New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program. And the Department of Health officially confirmed that their plan was to accept applications from both individuals and marijuana companies that aimed to cultivate and distribute CBD edibles or marijuana from their own facilities.

The plan to expand the existing Medical Marijuana Program in New Jersey was meant to issue licenses for an extra 15 dispensaries, five cultivation areas, and four vertically integrated permits. And to make everything even more secure, a new regulation was enacted. All applications must offer proof of their security plan, along with how they will ensure the quality of their products. Also, the legislation underlines the need for applicants to create a plan and diminish as much as possible the environmental impact of the cultivation and manufacturing of marijuana or CBD edibles.

Overall, CBD edibles and medical cannabis were deemed as legal products in New Jersey back in 2010. The Governor at that time, Jon Corzine, strived to enact such law and managed to sing it on his last day in office. Still, this wasn’t enough, and New Jersey marijuana dispensaries suffered a lot until 2019.

The restrictive law didn’t allow many to enroll in the program, which led to several unauthorized businesses that distributed CBD edibles or medical marijuana without an actual license. And when the following Governor publicly opposed legalizing marijuana in New Jersey, everyone believed there is no future for the Medical Marijuana Program.

But when Governor Murphy was elected in 2017, the state significantly changed its position concerning New Jersey marijuana dispensaries and medical marijuana usage. He continuously tries to expand the Medical Cannabis Program, which ultimately led to the 2019 new legislation concerning this topic. The focus was on allowing all medical practitioners to make use of marijuana products that had the potential to better a patient’s wellbeing. And besides this, CBD edibles and other marijuana-derived products were added on the list of allowed prescriptions. Still, the monthly limit for patients was raised to three ounces, while the CBD edibles were legally allowed to be prescribed to adults, as up until 2019, these were legally allowed only for kids.

At the beginning of 2020, Governor Murphy faced a drawback concerning the Medical Marijuana Program. There are still many who oppose this law, which is why New Jersey Voters will have to wait until November 2020 to see how Marijuana Legislation will end. The referendum is meant to allow voters to decide whether or not there is a need for a recreational cannabis measure in the state. The ballot inquiry will ask voters if they agree with the constitutional amendment legalizing recreational cannabis for adults 21 or older. So, we are eagerly waiting to see what the future of New Jersey medical dispensaries will be!