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New Jersey United for Marijuana Reformÿ

Marijuana legislation in New Jersey was changed continuously since 2010, when it was first deemed as a legal alternative medical treatment. Plenty of governors opposed it, but at the same time, there were quite a few vocal governors who aimed to underline the benefits of New Jersey marijuana dispensaries. And besides this, different changes in the current law were enacted, so that CBD edibles will become legal for almost everyone.

This cannabis reform split the population in New Jersey. Some advocate for the benefits of having marijuana dispensaries and easy access to CBD edibles. But others underline the fact that it can cause an increase in abusing marijuana or marijuana-derived products.

This is what led to the appearance of a public partnership named New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform. The NJUMR aims to underline the benefits and necessity of legalizing CBD edibles and medical marijuana. They advocate for improving New Jersey’s laws so that marijuana will be deemed as legal for adults 21 or older. Also, they underline the fact that there are plenty of marijuana arrest issues that don’t fit the civil rights environment correctly, as more African American New Jerseyans were arrested for having a couple of ounces of marijuana than it was the case with other nationalities.

So, the NJUMR advocates for legalizing medical marijuana, but at the same time, they stress the need for ending such prohibition due to the fact that it leads to racial injustice. Besides, enabling New Jersey marijuana dispensaries to function legally and allowing marijuana companies to distribute their products, will create new jobs, and boost public safety. And we couldn’t agree more. The state requires firm regulations that will allow marijuana companies to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute their CBD edibles and medical marijuana in a safe environment.

There are several members of the NJUMR, both public figures, and associations that advocate and strive their best to support the Marijuana Reform. The committee is represented by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, the Latino Action Network, the Doctor for Cannabis Regulations, William J. Caruso, and Jon-Henry Barr. Of course, there are plenty of other members of the committee, all of which volunteer for the greater good of the state.

By the end of 2020, a ballot will be held so that people living in New Jersey will vote concerning this topic. As such, NJUMR aims to reveal and teach everyone about the need for legalizing medical marijuana and create a sturdy distribution system. The common belief is that prohibiting medical marijuana furthermore, it will only cause public safety concerns, as marijuana companies will continue to distribute their products without a safety regulation in place.