CBD drug testing

Will CBD edibles cause a positive drug test?

CBD drug testing

With CBD edibles being made legal and sold in many parts of the country, many are forgetting that certain places still want you to be sober like for sport events. Many people who consume CBD on a regular basis worry if eating CBD will show up in their tests and how long does an edible stay in your system. Work places also require you to pass tests even in states where CBD edibles are legal. The unfortunate news is that many corporations spring a surprise test on you asking you to give a sample of your urine and your hair to run tests.

Drug tests and CBD
Technically consumption of CBD in any form should not show up in your urine, most standard tests that labs conduct should not be able to detect your use of the drug. But, since THC is a primary component of cannabis, labs look for this compound when testing your urine by a process called immunoassay screening. The lower limit is 50mg per millilitre and if your urine has more drug than this quantity the result will show positive. And if they see that there is CBD or specifically THC in your urine they will use advanced tests results to further screen your sample and find if the level is more than 15 g per millilitre. If you have consumed say one CBD edible like a truffle, there are no chances that your urine will yield positive results from THC. If your consumption happens to be more than 1000mg a day, the chances are that your result will come positive. Taking this amount of CBD does not affect you physically or mentally in any way but it shows up in most tests and that is what employer’s care for.

How to stay safe?
If you are a consumer of CDB edibles in a large quantity and wondering how long does an edible stay in your system, you should be careful about the quality of the edible you consume. Good quality oil have very less amount of TCH which means the test results will not come positive. If you are not sure or if the high quality DBC edible is too expensive, you can try some methods to flush your system. About how long does an edible stay in your system, the consensus is about two weeks, traces can be found in your urine if you consume in larger quantities.

Three very easy ways are available to flush your system of any excess CBD or TCH traces. The first is to exercise. Since the compound TCH accumulates in fat cells, the more fat cells you burn the more of the compound you will be flushing out. Sitting in a sauna regularly for an hour will ensure that you sweat out a lot of the toxins. It increases your blood circulation helping blood clean the body quicker. Drinking a lot of water also helps TCH go out of your body through your urine. Give it two weeks’ time and your result will be negative.